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Friday, September 4, 2015 10:58 am PDT


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Almost two years after the Xbox One’s launch, the selection of official headsets has finally begun to fill out. Even just a year ago, the offerings were slim and didn’t have enough features to make them worth the outlay, especially if you already owned a set of headphones you liked and could pair with Microsoft’s headset adapter. You didn’t always sound amazingly clear to your Xbox Live party, but it worked.

But now that you have choices that make both game and chat audio sound great, which one do you pick? After spending hours with popular Xbox One headsets from Astro, Skullcandy, Polk Audio, and Plantronics, as well as the entirety of Turtle Beach’s Xbox One headset lineup, we’ve assembled our top recommendations to help you out.

The Best Wired Xbox One Headset

The best wired headset for Xbox One is actually one that isn’t out just yet—thePlantronics Rig Flex LX will launch the first week of October. At $130 MSRP, it’s on the pricier side for a stereo wired headset, but it managed to snag our top spot due to its combination of comfort, excellent chat quality, and clean, well-balanced audio. You can wear this headset for hours, which you’ll want to do: even on the most bass-heavy EQ setting, lows are nice and punchy without overwhelming the mids and highs, and it’s very easy to hear both small audio details and what direction they’re coming from.

The style of the Flex LX’s included controller dongle is an improvement over Microsoft’s stereo headset adapter, too. Instead of pressing buttons that show no indication of just how loud or soft you’ve made your game or your XBL party, you’ll use a knob to control the volume, and a dial to control the balance between game and chat audio. You’ll be able to see your settings at a glance.

And though it doesn’t take the sting away from the price tag, the Flex LX comes with a second cable that lets you ditch the boom mic—handy for when you’re using these cans with a mobile device.

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