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Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Publish Date:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 9:09 am PST


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Most of the technology in our lives has moved to wireless. Our phones, laptops, and even speakers are now wireless. While Bluetooth headphones used to pale in sound quality to their wired counterparts, that’s no longer the case with advancements in Bluetooth hardware and processing.

Wireless headphones offer the convenience of not having to deal with wires that get easily tangled, plus they offer more features like active noise cancelling, multi-device pairing, and long battery life.

There are the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for every budget.

Plantronics Backbeat Pro ($250)


Plantronics is most known for its headsets but the company actually makes some really great headphones. The Backbeat Pros are full-sized over the ear headphones that have more features than you can shake a stick at. Along with active noise cancellation, you get the ability to pair with two devices, like a phone and tablet. This means you won’t be stuck using just your phone to listen to music or watch videos.

While Plantronic’s noise cancelling isn’t as good as Bose, it’s still decent. But perhaps the best feature of the Backbeat Pro is its 24 hour battery life. I had no problem hitting this number in my testing. There’s a more expensive version called the Backbeat Pro+ but it’s increased price isn’t worth it unless you’re planning to use them with a computer as they come with a $60 Hi-Fi USB adapter. They're a little heavy, but its features and sound make the Backbeat Pros a great pick.

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