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The Best Wireless Headphones

Publish Date:

Saturday, December 19, 2015


News Organization:

Gotta Be Mobile

Source URL:

Plantronics Backbeat PRO+

Plantronics-Backbeat-PRO+Plantronics is known for creating some of the best aviation and office headset products, and in the past few years, has begun to seriously dabble in consumer audio (they also make excellent and affordable gaming headsets). The Backbeat PRO/PRO+ (review) are over-the-ear headphones – they fully cover your ‘lobes (those with bigger heads and / or ears might find it a tight fit, however). 24-hour battery life, up to 330 feet (100m) of Bluetooth wireless range, depending on obstacles, noise cancelling that you can turn on and off (it’s regrettably always on with the Momentums), and the ability to pair audio from two different devices at the same time. It seems like the only difference between the PRO and the PRO+ is that the latter includes a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle for your computer,and they sell new for $300. Right now, you can find sellers on Amazon selling the older PRO model for just $150, which is an absolute steal.

Plantronics Backbeat SENSE SE 

Plantronics-Backbeat-SENSEWe liked the Backbeat SENSE in our review, and like the Backbeat PRO/PRO+, a neat trick of these headphones is their auto-pause feature. If you’re listening to something, and need to slide them down to hear someone ask a question, or buy something at a store, the music automatically pauses, then resumes when you place them back on your ears. Pretty slick, right? Additionally, the SENSE headphones are a much cooler design; their on-ear (they sit on top of your ears, instead of going around) memory foam construction makes for a simpler look and a comfortable fit, no matter your ears’ size. Plantronics threw in splash resistance for the SE version, so if you get caught in a light shower wearing these, you shouldn’t have to worry. They do lose the noise cancelling features from the BackBeat PRO/PRO+, as well as drop to 18 hours of battery life. You can get the Plantronics BackBeat SENSE SE online for around $200.

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