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Computerworld's holiday gift guide 2015: Top-notch tech for $150 or more

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Monday, November 23, 2015 9:28 am PST


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Going for tech gold

The hardest thing about this holiday season may not be dealing with strange family members or figuring out how to handle everyone's food preferences, but choosing gifts from all the great tech out there. Over the past year, a veritable treasure trove of high-end devices has appeared to tempt the technologically inclined.

Part 1 of our holiday gift guide presents a wide variety of $150-and-over gift ideas for the special people in your life. Possibilities include smartwatches that are not only useful, but look good and fit well; a Bluetooth speaker that can blast out tunes without letting a little water or dirt get in the way; and a digital microphone that will help giftees create their own podcasts. We've even included a 3D printer that's inexpensive and simple to use -- and many more gift ideas as well.

When possible, we've included a range of prices as offered by various retailers, but be aware that prices fluctuate. As always, be careful of false deals and scams.

We'll be launching part 2 of our gift guide later this week. Meanwhile, enjoy our selection of $150-and-over gift ideas. 

Want to give someone a set of Bluetooth headphones that are lightweight, comfortable and sound good -- and won't make your wallet groan? The $180 BackBeat Sense from Plantronics will satisfy.

The on-ear headphones have been designed to be a comfortable fit for long plane rides and all-day sessions at the computer. They're also easy to use. On the left ear cup, a control moves circularly back and forth to raise or lower the volume, a small indentation lets you play or pause, and slightly raised symbols on either side of the indentation allow you to go to the next or last track. The right ear cup has the power switch on its rim, while a button at the outer center lets you make or stop a call.

An inline mic lets you hear external sounds if you need to, while sensors stop and restart the music when you remove and replace the headphones. The Sense also comes with a cable for non-Bluetooth audio devices and a travel bag, making it a perfect gift for your favorite audiophile.

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