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The Perfect Gift Guide

Publish Date:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 2:06 pm PST


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Here at BGR, we do holiday gift guides a little differently than most. Last year we put together a guide we called the “un-gift guide,” which was a collection of lesser-known gift ideas. While most sites simply run through all of the most popular products they’ve covered over the past few months, we spent a tremendous amount of time looking for products that were off the beaten path. After all, you want to make an impression when you give a gift, and lesser-known products add something special into the mix.

This year, we’re keeping with tradition and sticking with gift ideas that are anything but common, but we’re going to switch things up a bit. Instead of just giving you a list of devices or even splitting them into product categories, we’re going to show you the perfect gift (or gifts, in some cases) for each different type of person in your life. From the savvy young tech fan and the discerning audiophile to the artistic child and the outdoorsy adventurer, we’ve got everyone you know covered in this comprehensive gift guide.

The perfect wireless headphones for the audiophile in your life

The first-generation Plantronics Backbeat Pro wireless headphones have been at or near the top of our list for years, and now the second-generation model has been made available. Plantronics improved the design in every conceivable way, but the sound has remained for the most part unchanged. Hey, why mess with success?

Beats headphones are great if all you care about is bass, but the $199 Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Wireless Headphones offer stellar sound quality across the entire spectrum, along with outstanding active noise cancellation and a broad set of features.

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