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Plantronics Just Made The Best $80 Headphones w/ the BackBeat 505

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 2:32 pm PDT


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Yeah, you read the headline correctly.  Plantronics just made what could be Bluetooth headphones for those on a tight budget.  Enter the BackBeat 505 headphones.  They made sure to pack damn-near all of their latest technology inside of these cans.  We spent about 2 weeks w/ the Backbeat 505s as we can give forth an honest opinion on it.  So let's talk all about why these are so dope and need to be added to your future electronics shopping list.


The look of the BackBeat 505s offers a combination of several parts from previous Plantronics headsets.  The headband from the RIG gaming cans and the on-ear controls to Play/Pause, Skip + Rewind songs, and phone calls from the Pro line.  You also can still access everyone's native Assistants like Siri, Google Now/Assistant, and Cortana.

These are on-ear headphones as the cups don't completely cover your entire ear.  It fits comfortably to wear for several hours at a time - even w/ glasses w/ zero discomfort.  All while being really lightweight and small to carry anywhere and rest on your shoulders.


Plantronics made sure not to skimp out on the quality and features.  The Backbeat 505s are equipped w/ 40mm drivers w/ bass tubes built-in to better handle the lows, and a 33ft Bluetooth range.  You got everything in here except for Open Listening & Noise-Cancelling.

At 1st glance, you would think that these wouldn't I was definitely taken aback on how good these things sound.  The bass tubes help bring the bass out immensely while the dynamic drivers balance everything else w/ perfection.  Definitely adding to huge value to these cans.

Battery Life

Inside you have an 18-hour battery life w/ the option to go wired for however long you want to.  I was able to get the advertised life w/ ease.  I listen to music/podcasts/videos at work for about 6-8 hours a day for 3-4 days and allows for a charge once a week for me.  You also their DeepSleep hibernation from the BackBeat Pro 2s to maintain the battery for up to 6 months.

TG 2 Cents

For $80, you only have a few choice cans for you to choose from like the Marshall Major II, Sennheiser Urbanites, Jabra Move Wireless, and more.  This checks off damn-near every box on the must-have list for headphones.  BackBeat 505s offers premium sound on an entry-level budget. So yes, Plantronics has done it again.  Hopefully, Sony doesn't steal this one too.

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