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These Bluetooth headphones have features you won’t find on more expensive pairs

Publish Date:

Friday, April 21, 2017 3:19 pm PDT

News Organization:

Business Insider

Source URL:

For the past week I've been trying a new pair of Bluetooth headphones sent to me by Plantronics, the audio company that supplied headsets to the NASA astronauts who landed on the moon.

My tests weren't nearly as strenuous — or, quite frankly, important — but these headphones did impress me.

They're an on-ear pair that are well constructed and comfortably padded without being too bulky. You can't bend and fold these headphones, but they're small enough that you shouldn't have any issues with portability.

These headphones are pretty plain, but in a good way. Instead of focusing on superfluous features, Plantronics spent its time nailing the basics and implementing functionalities people will actually use. The flashiest part about these headphones is the play/pause and forward/back buttons on the left ear cup. They work fine, but I didn't use them a lot during my testing.

Although they're more budget-friendly than many of the headphones I've tried, this pair excels in places where some higher-priced options fall short. They might have the best battery life of any headphones I've tested, making it five days without needing to be charged — a couple of days longer than normal.

The audio quality of these headphones is also excellent, especially at this price. Sound is well balanced, and you can comfortably listen to any genre of music.They lack a little of the clarity you might find on more expensive headphones, but music is generally presented well. When listening to more complicated jazz arrangements, I was always able to pull out each individual element, which is a tell-tale sign of good-quality headphones.

Audio and battery life aside, these headphones have one standout feature: They can be paired with multiple audio sources, and you can seamlessly alternate between them. There were occasional hiccups, but a majority of the time I could listen to a song or watch a video on my computer, then jump to listening to a podcast on my phone. Many headphones require you to disconnect one source before connecting to another, which can be very annoying.

If you're looking for a pair of relatively inexpensive Bluetooth headphones and care more about functionality than flashiness, Plantronics' option is a good one. You're getting headphones that sound great, with a couple of usability features that put them ahead of many more expensive pairs.

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