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The Serious Insights Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks

Publish Date:

Friday, November 13, 2015 11:46 am PST


News Organization:

Serious Insights

Source URL:

It’s that time of year again. Here are a few of my favorites gadgets and accessories that I have not only evaluated but adopted into my life. This is a very personalized holiday gift guide that includes some of my favorite things–things I think others will enjoy if they show up under the tree or next to the Menorrah. Some of them I’ve played with for awhile, others I use every day. When the list is complete, I will provide a Black Friday/Cyber Weekend/Cyber Monday check list with notes.

Come back often. As I think of other items or get asked questions about particular categories I haven’t included yet, I will add them in. Check-back often between now and Black Friday and the entire Cyber Weekend (and Monday too!).

Note, many of these items are available in stores or elsewhere, but I have provided an Amazon links for quick access to details and purchases. Add blockers may blank out the links.

Voyager Focus UC

If you spend time of Microsoft Skype or Apple FaceTime or any other realtime collaboration tool, then you need a good headset, and you can’t find a better, more professional model that the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC. The headset features noise cancelling as well as multi-device connectivity. Yes, that is right, you can connect to your PC and to you phone at the same time, so this becomes your universal communication headset. Comes with a nice bag as well, so it travels. The stand is OK, but doesn’t always charge and it takes up space. I prefer to use a micro-USB cable to charge the headphones over the stand. Sound is outstanding, as is compatibility. At $299.95 list, this isn’t a cheap gift, but it is one that will be appreciated by people who live in the world of voice and of sound. Not available directly from Amazon, but through partners. Prices vary widely so shop around.

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