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Shut out the noise and shut in the sound with our favorite noise-canceling headphones

Publish Date:

Sunday, March 20, 2016 7:00 am PDT


News Organization:

Digital Trends

Source URL:

Trains, plains, and automobiles have never been particularly quiet. We live in an age where our morning commute is often alive with the sounds of passengers and mechanics steadily at work, all of which have a tendency to perforate our eardrums whether we want it to or not. Planes drone, trains whine, and none of that adds positively to the experience of listening to Kendrick spit rhymes over a bed of saxophone and bass.

Thankfully, noise-cancelling headphones are better sounding and more efficient than they’ve ever been, allowing you to essentially drown out ambient noise and low-frequency sounds with a microphone and some tricky circuitry. And while they typically run a little pricier than comparable headphones that lack noise-cancelling capabilities — technology is rarely cheap, after all — the offerings below manage to deliver a commendable combination of style, comfort, and sound.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO ($164)

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro are far more capable than they are subtle, which isn’t meant to be a slight. They’re hefty, equipped with best-in-class wireless range and convenient on-board controls, both of which allow for a first-rate experience when it comes to interfacing with your smartphone. The battery provides enough power for up to 24 hours of continuous wireless playback as well, and when you activate the sensor-reliant “DeepSleep” hibernation mode, the battery life stretches to a staggering 6 months. A wealth of details and harmonic overtones abound once you engage the stellar noise cancellation, which help to balance the rich bass and a crystalline upper midrange. There’s more here than we can count through, so be sure to hit our full review to learn more.

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