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Plantronics Adds Multimedia Voyager Headset

Publish Date:

Monday, June 8, 2015 2:47 pm PDT


2015, UC

News Organization:

Tom's IT Pro

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The popular open office layout brings many advantages to the workplace. It allows for easiercollaboration between colleagues and it promotes communication among office mates, not to mention the overall improvement to employee emotional health. However, the boon of an open office comes with a price: an increased ambient noise level. 

Business audio company Plantronics announced a new wireless headset, the Voyager Focus UC. Plantronics is marketing the headset for use as both a unified communications (UC) headset for making calls in the office as well as a multimedia audio device. Traditionally, Plantronics' Voyager line of headsets has focused on smaller, earpiece designs for mobile use. 

The Voyager Focus UC, like many of Plantronics' recent releases, features active noise-canceling (ANC) technology. ANC does not provide absolute silence when toggled on, but instead reduces ambient noise, such as the drone of distant conversation, wind, and keyboard strokesANC is well-suited to an office setting, as workers may still hear someone directly behind them asking for their attention, while simultaneously allowing them greater concentration on a call. 

Like others in the Voyager family, the Voyager Focus UC features Bluetooth capabilities with a range of up to 300 feet. In terms of power consumption, the Voyager Focus is a Class 1 (maximum of 100 mW) Bluetooth device. As a UC device, the Voyager Focus is also suited for use with VoIPapplications.

Other features include leatherette and memory foam earpieces, a cushioned metal headband, and auto-mute functionality. This means removing the headset will automatically mute any active call; putting it back on will turn mute off. Additionally, the headset will notify you when attempting to speak into the muted microphone with the Dynamic Mute Alert feature. 

Plantronics plans to release the Voyager Focus UC in mid-July of this year for sale in the U.S. For a full list of Plantronics headsets, head to the company's product page.

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